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APRIL 11th, 2011


Opened the meeting:   The meeting opened at 19:05 hours.


Attendance:  Lynn Billado, Vice-President;  Dave St.Pierre, Secretary/Treasurer;  Crystal Lampman, Director One; Keith Ploof, Director Two;  Tony Labor Sr., Director Three; Paul Rocheleau, President and   Joan Beaudry, Director Four absent due to an ambulance call.


Secretaries Report:  Crystal made a motion to accept the Secretaries report as printed, seconded by Lynn.  No discussion.  The motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report:  The BOD discussed the difference between community support numbers of Laurie and Sandy.  Dave will contact Laurie and ask how she determines these figures.  Crystal made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report as printed, seconded by Tony.  No further discussion.  The motion carried.


Vice-President’s Report:  Crystal has submitted a letter of complaint about a crew member.  Lynn made a motion to go into Executive Session, seconded by Tony.  No discussion.  The motion carried.  The BOD discussed in depth this complaint.  Keith made a motion to come out of executive session, seconded by Crystal.  No discussion.  The motion carried.  The President, Vice-President and Operations Coordinator will speak to the employee within 10 days as specified by the disciplinary action plan.  Dan Parent has submitted a request for time off.  It has been documented.  Lynn has developed a new form for documenting requests for time off.  Stacie Rose is having surgery this week on Wednesday.  Her time has been covered during her medical absence.    




Building Maintenance:  We have been shredding all of the old billing paperwork.  Kellie will take what paperwork is left and have it shredded for free in St. Albans on Saturday the 14th of May.  The crews have been raking and cleaning the yards.  They have also been cleaning out the flower beds at the trailer.


Vehicle Maintenance:  Unit Two has been serviced.  During the servicing they found that the turbo unit was defective and was not operating correctly.  It will have to be replaced at a cost of $2,400.  The MCI trailer has been registered again until 2016.  We have also replaced some much needed equipment on the trucks.


Supply:  We have ordered and the supplies have arrived.  We have a new type of saline lock and a different brand of EPI pens.  Crews need to become familiar with this equipment.  Stacie has placed our cot on her EBAY account to sell for $1,500.00.  we have had no bites so far.


Communications:  We have sent 3 pagers in for repair.  We are having battery problems and reception has not been good.  We have also sent 1 portable radio in for repair.  If the repair cost is too high, then we will purchase a new portable.


Public Relations and Fund Raising:  We are participating in the Relay for Life this year.  Our team is called “Team Tigger.”  It is being held at the Collins-Perley field on June 25th, 2011.  Ray’s girlfriend Holly Hager is the team captain.  Dave will be ordering new PR materials for the “Take Back the Night” program in August.  We are covering an Air Show at the airport on May 29th with a rain date of May 30th.  It will be about 2 hours in duration. We are also covering both Memorial Day parades in both towns.


Training:  This month we will be doing an in-service training on the new CPR board machines and ECG 12 lead cardiac monitor.  All employees need to be trained on the CPR machines.  EMT-I03 personnel need to be trained on the new 12 lead cardiac monitor.  Ray is working on the new yearly training plan.  It is almost complete.  Chris Uzell has successfully completed the First Responder course.  Congratulations to him.


District One Representative:  Pat Malone attended the District One meeting.  He has submitted proposals for various courses.  The Instructor-Coordinator course will cost $1,000.00 and will be mostly on-line.  You will still need to attend a two day weekend course in addition to the on-line requirements.  The EMT-B and EMT-I03 courses will cost approximately between $395.00 and $750.00 respectively.  Pat Malone works for UVM which can be a conflict of interest.  The Alburgh Fire School is the weekend of June 4th and 5th, 2011.  They are sponsoring a BTLS course for $195.00.  You need to sign up early.  Fairfax Rescue is developing a web site and would like all training officers to submit their respective squad training schedules to this site.  All personnel may go to this site for required training credits.  Training will be open to all district personnel.  Documentation is poor again.  This is everyone’s responsibility.  We all need to document correctly.  The District has voted to allow either run report form to be used.  If you decide that you want to use the newer form, then you must purchase the form.  The District will no longer buy them for the squads.  The District wants to reinstate the $100.00 per rig annual fee.  It is a way to fund District projects.  Mike Spaulding has taken over responsibility for printing the ID cards for the district.  NMC has a no smoking policy and all EMS personnel must abide by their rules.  MVR has put out a company memo in the squad paychecks the MVR personnel are strictly prohibited from smoking on NMC property.  If caught, said employees will be terminated.




Vice-President:  Nothing to submit.


Secretary/Treasurer:  Kinney Insurance Agency has given an insurance update with some suggestions.  We have decided to increase our liability coverage to 3million-6million.  We have arranged to have our sharps collected.  It will be handled by Stericycle, Inc.  There will be no contract with them.  It will be an on-call system.


Paul and Joan have returned from an ambulance call.


Directors: 1,2,3,4:  Nothing to submit.


Old Business:  None.


New Business:  The Employee Manuals are complete and ready to be handed out.  Flowers are acquired and will be ready to plant for Memorial Day.


Scheduling:  The May schedule is ready and will be posted soon.  Courtney has started a new job a Central Dispatch.  We will need to fill some of her time.  Joan Beaudry may have some tome opening soon.  She may become available.


Adjournment:  Keith made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Tony.  No discussion.  The motion carried.  The meeting adjourned at 21:18 hours.




Respectfully submitted,


David E. St.Pierre, EMT-I03

Secretary/Treasurer, MVR


(signed copy can be viewed at the bay)