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February 14, 2011

Opened the meeting: 
The meeting opened at 19:10 hrs. 

Attendance:  Lynn Billado, Vice President; David St. Pierre, Secretary/Treasurer; Crystal Lampman, Director One; Keith Ploof, Director 2; Tony Labor, Director Three.  Absent:  Paul Rocheleau, President; Joan Beaudry, Director Four.

Secretaries Report:  Keith made a motion to accept the Secretary's report with corrections, seconded by Tony.  No other discussion.  The motion carried.  No employee names are to be included in the minutes concerning complaints or discipline.

Treasurer's Report:  Keith made a motion to accept the Treasurer's report as printed, seconded by Crystal.  The board discussed some line items on the report.  The motion carried.

Vice President's Report:  No personnel issues to discuss.

Building Maintenance:  The day crew has shoveled off the MVR quarter's roof.  The furnace at the trailer has been serviced and a new, more efficient thermostat has been installed.  A cover lock has also been placed over the thermostat so the personnel will not "play" with it.  The day crew also cleaned and painted the supply room.

Vehicle Maintenance:  Unit One has been serviced and the leak has been fixed at Parker Chevrolet in Champlain, NY.

Supply:  The supply room has been cleaned and painted.  It has also been re-organized.  Ray is also getting an order list for supplies.

Communications:  Portable upgrades are coming and hopefully will be funded on a grant basis.  The new hospital radio has been installed and is online now.  They are also installing noise-cancelling microphones to eliminate background noise.

Public Relations and Fund Raising:  MVR participated in a MVUHS tabletop exercise held at the municipal complex in Swanton.

Training: March training will be held in the Swanton Municipal Complex.  The subject will be crime scenes and how to handle untimely patients.  It will start at 18:30 hours.  Lt. Begnoche will be the instructor.  Zoll Medical will also be attending this meeting.  We will have a demo of the new CPR machine and 12 lead EKG monitor.  The sales representative is to bring pizza.  The refresher course will start on March 23rd, 2011.  it will be held on Wednesday nights from 18:30 - 21:30.  Dave will be the instructor.

District One Representative:  Dave is resigning as the District One Treasurer and will also be stepping down as MVR's representative.  Dr. Haak has agreed to become the new medical director for the district.

Officer Reports:  

Vice President:  The employee manual draft is complete.  Keith is putting the document into a presentation format for the annual meeting.  The membership will look at this document and make comments and corrections as needed.  It will be voted on at the annual meeting.  Lynn will be attending the State Labor Law committee meeting in Montpelier.  We are still looking for information to keep our employees legal.

Secretary/Treasurer:  We are planning to put a team in to the Relay-Of-Life project.  Our team name is "Team Tigger."  Holly is the team leader and will be contacting members to participate.  The Highgate Selectboard did not place our EKG/CPR machine line item on the ballot.  Swanton placed this line on their ballot.  We will wait and see what happens on election day.  There is a budget meeting on Monday February 22nd, 2011 at the Swanton Municipal Complex to discuss all line items on the budget.

Director Two:  Highgate Fire would like to thank MVR for the use of the heavy rescue unit to light up the hill during the sliding party.

Director Three/Four: Nothing to add.

Old Business:  Keith brought up the subject of jackets for our employees.  We need to order 3 new jackets as soon as funds are available.  Keith has the list.

New Business:  Keith discussed the fact that we should sell all of our old medical gloves to MVM Security.  Dave will make up the bill and give it to Paul.  Paul addressed the board about discussing David's schedule and when he comes and goes.  No discussion will be allowed unless it is specifically placed in writing.  The BOD has been informed to tell all employees about this discussion.  The BOD also discussed the Operations Coordinator position.  Paul will coordinate a new contract.  The BOD also discussed Keith Ploof and his status as a volunteer.  He is a member of the board and has voting privileges within the squad.  Keith will be grandfathered as a volunteer with full privileges for as long as he wishes.  Lynn made motion on this subject, seconded by Crystal.  No other discussion.  The motion carried and was unanimous.

Scheduling:  No issues on scheduling.  New March schedule will be posted soon.

Adjournment:  Joan made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Lynn.  No discussion.  The motion carried.  The meeting adjourned at 21:15.

Submitted by David E. St. Pierre, EMT-I03

Secretary/Treasurer, MVR

(signed copy can be viewed at the bay)