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FEBRUARY 13, 2012


Opened the meeting:  The meeting opened at 1930 hours.


Attendance:  Paul Rocheleau, President; David St. Pierre, Secretary/Treasurer; Keith Ploof, Director two; Anthony Labor, Sr., Director three; Jaime Greeno, Member.  Absent:  Lynn Billado; Crystal Lampman, Director one, Director four, vacant.


Secretary’s report:  Keith made a motion to accept the Secretary’s report as printed, seconded by Tony.  No discussion.  The motion carried.


Treasurer’s report:  Keith made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report  as printed , seconded by Tony.  No discussion.  The motion carried.


Vice-President’s report:  VP not present.  Ashley Choiniere has injured herself skiing.  She has sustained an extensive injury to her right knee.  She will be out for quite a while.  Chris Uzell has submitted a verbal resignation to David.  He did not give sufficient notice.  David and Lynn tried to talk to him so that he would not leave under negative conditions.  He declined and turned in his equipment to David.  He was asked to submit written letters resigning from the squad and from his Directors position.  The board decided to table his resignation request due to no written letter.  The board will send him a certified letter requesting his resignation in writing.


Building Maintenance:  We are doing the usual upkeep.  Nothing planned until warmer weather.


Vehicle Maintenance:  Unit one has sustained a broken right rear door.  Parts are on order.  Springs and bushings for the broken parts are required.  Crews make sure the doors are wiped down during cold weather.  The low coolant light is coming on again in Unit One.  Dave will have it checked again when it goes in for service.


Supply:  We have purchased Zip-Lock bags for the saline lock kits.  Everything is in sufficient quantities.  Next time we order we will need Activated Charcoal in 50’s and 25’s.


Communications:  We have received our narrow band license.  It did not take too long to get it.  The FCC has received our request for repeater frequencies.  We have two pagers in for repair.  Ray has issued portable radios to all EMT-B’s.  Our plan is to phase out our pagers.  We are looking into purchasing 5 new portable radios this year.


Public Relations and Fund Raising:  Dave will be ordering hand out materials for the “Take Back the Night” project which is scheduled for early August 2012.  We will also be participating in another open house with the other public service agencies next fall.  We have scheduled a Family Bowling Party on Sunday March 1st, 2012.  David will post a notice and sign-up sheet.  No cost to fire and rescue personnel or their families.


Training:  Respiratory training is scheduled for February 22nd, 2012.  Stacie Rose will be the instructor.  Ray is setting up an Ice Rescue course.  Colchester Technical Rescue will be instructing the course.  The date and time will be announced.


District One Representative:    We are still waiting for the new curriculum for the transition courses.  The new AEMT course has started.  Clem is the instructor.  Ashley has enrolled in the course.  Dr. Haak has the new CPR protocols, but has not signed them at this time.


Board Member Reports:


VP:  Not present.


Secretary/Treasurer:  The squad statistic reports have been submitted to the two towns for the annual report.  Dave has talked to our attorney about a draft contract for Highgate Town.  He will be working on the contract soon.


Director One:  Not present.


Director Two:  Would like to know the status of the personnel evaluations.  The board will discuss this item during the March BOD meeting.


Director Three:  Nothing to discuss.


Director Four:  Vacant.


Old Business:  We need to acquire a debit card for the squad.  Dave will work on that item.  We also have been asked to check into direct deposit for our employees.  We will discuss this item during the annual meeting.


New Business: We need to get our uniforms up to standard and make sure all personnel have the necessary items.


Scheduling:  March will have many openings on the work schedule.


Adjournment:  Keith made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Tony.  No discussion.  The motion carried.  The meeting adjourned at 2040 hours.