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January 10, 2011
Opened the meeting:  The meeting opened at 19:05

Attendance:  Paul Rocheleau, President; Lynn Billado, Vice President; David St. Pierre, Secretary/Treasurer; Crystal Lampman, Director One; Keith Ploof, Director 2; Tony Labor, Director Three; Joan Beaudry, Director Four.

Secretaries Report:  Keith made a motion to accept the Secretary's report as printed, seconded by Tony.  No discussion.  The motion carried.

Treasurer's Report:  Joan made a motion to accept the Treasurer's report as printed, seconded by Lynn.  No discussion.  The motion carried.

Vice President's Report:  The board discussed the employee manual.  Our attorney has had a chance to look at our document.  He feels it is pretty well written and has only a few corrections to make on the document.  He stated it needed to be flexible in nature and to remove any probationary items.  We need to include a HIPPA Policy, which Dave has on our computer.  Lynn will make the necessary changes and additions so that we can have this available to the members as soon as possible.

Building Maintenance:  The water pipes at the trailer have frozen two times.  Keith and Cody have taken care of this problem.  Keith found the heat tape on the primary line was not working.  They replace the tape and added more insulation to the lines under the trailer.  Employees are to keep the furnace thermostat set at 70 degrees at all times.  It is now too cold to turn down the thermostat.  Bellrose Plumbing will be servicing the furnace in the near future.

Vehicle Maintenance:  Unit Two has had two new front tires installed.  It is now OK to drive.  It has also been aligned.  Unit One has also been serviced and the anti-freeze leak has been found at the vent pipe.

Supply:  Ray has submitted an order for supplies.  We will no longer order jump kits for members.  We will supply basic items for these kits initially, but will not re-supply if they are used on calls.  We will not supply items used at home.  Money for these kits come out of our budget.

Communications:  Central Dispatch is upgrading radios and equipment at Dispatch through a matching grant.  Our radios are included in this project.  We have approved the funding for the matching grant portion of this project.  We will continue to improve our radio system as necessary.

Public Relations and Fund Raising:  Our Christmas Party went over well.  The gift cards were appreciated.  Dan Billado Jr. won the GPS unit.  nancy at the My-T- Fine Restaurant requires out Tax ID number for her paperwork.  We have been getting many requests for CPR Courses from the general public.

Training:  There was no training in December due to the holidays.  Our next training session will be on how to handle untimely/crime scenes.  It will be held on Thursday, January 13th, 2011 at 6:30 p.m. in the Swanton Village Complex.   Lt. Begnoche will be the instructor.

District Representative:  The district will host a FAHC STEMI training session before the January 2011 district meeting.  All are invited to attend.  Dr. Haak will be our new medical control, effective January 2011.  No new courses have been approved in the near future.  The returning ARNG from Afghanistan are having some problems.  It is felt that a representative from the crisis center needs to inform our hospital and EMS staff of what to look for if we interact during a call with these personnel.

Board Members:  Vice President Lynn Billado:  Lynn has been coordinating with our state representative Brian Savage.  They have been discussing the VT labor laws as they pertain to EMS.  She has been invited to attend a committee meeting on this subject in Montpelier.  More information to follow.  Nothing else from other directors.

Old Business:  Nothing to discuss.

New Business:  The annual meeting was discussed.  The subject of voting privileges came up in discussion.  Full and part time employees will be allowed to vote.  They must be on a regular schedule and receive regular paychecks.  Another suggestion would be to stagger the directors so that they would not all be elected on the same year.  We should do it like the towns.  Central Dispatch has answered Kellie's complaint letter that was submitted to the St. Albans Police Department.  The board is satisfied with the response.  No employee will be allowed to "stock up" on hours and overtime.  Most members will be part time and will be treated equally as much as possible as far as time on the schedule permits.  Lynn and Dave will approve/disapprove all overtime and schedule changes.  No employee can be replaced on the schedule without approval.

Scheduling:  Lynn will post the new February schedule very soon.  There have been very few openings over the past couple of months.

Adjournment:  Keith made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Tony.  No discussion.  The motion carried.  The meeting adjourned at 21:35.

Submitted by David E. St. Pierre, EMT-I03

Secretary/Treasurer, MVR

(signed copy can be viewed at the bay)