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July 10th, 2011


Opened the meeting:   The meeting opened at 1904 hours.


Attendance:  Paul Rocheleau, President;  Lynn Billado, Vice-President; Keith Ploof, Director Two ;   Tony Labor Sr., Director Three;    Joan Beaudry, Director Four. Dave St.Pierre, Secretary/Treasurer (vacation) Crystal Lampman, Director One (absent)


Secretaries Report:  Keith made a motion to table the Secretaries report until the next meeting, seconded by Tony.  No discussion.  The motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report:  Keith made a motion to table the Treasurer’s report until the next meeting, seconded by Lynn.  No discussion.  The motion carried.


Vice-President’s Report:  New member Jamie Greeno will be running on Friday night with Crystal and will be covering Stacy’s weekend shifts.  Chris Uzell rescinded his letter of resignation, but does not want to run on weekends.  This was approved as holes in the schedule have been covered due to the fact that Cody and Chris have worked out a deal to switch various shifts.


OFFICER REPORTS:  As the Secretary/Treasurer was on vacation the following reports were not given:


Building Maintenance


Vehicle Maintenance






Public Relations and Fund Raising




District One Representative:  Christopher Bell is the new EMS Director.  He is very excited about his new role and wants EMS personnel to feel free to contact him.  His email is: 


National certification – there will be a window of time in which to apply, if you were previously certified, after which you will need to recertify concurrent with state certification.  EMT-I03’s will have to complete a transitional course or will lose I03 status, thus reverting to B status. 


It has been decided that there will be no large scale EMS conference next year.  However, there have been discussions regarding conferences being held in individual districts.


Hospital security was discussed.  At this time, no one will be allowed in the birthing unit.  Additionally, all doors in the ER will be locked after 2200, with the side door access to the ambulance bay being restricted completely. 






Secretary/Treasurer:  On vacation 


Director One:  Absent


Director Two and Three:  Nothing to bring up. 


Director Four:  Joan brought up the fact that the contact listing was very outdated and needed to be updated and distributed.


Old Business:  Nothing to report 


New Business:  Keith brought up the fact that employee evaluations have not yet been conducted as defined in the Employee Manual.  Possible means of evaluation would be that the Crew Chiefs evaluate their crews and that the crews in turn evaluate their Crew Chiefs.  No decision made on this process at this time. 


Lynn brought up the issue of the By-Laws not being consistent with the new Employee Manual.  Each board member will be provided a copy to review to see what is applicable now compared to what was applicable before we became a paid squad.  Another meeting will be scheduled in the near future to go over the findings. 


The criteria for ride alongs were discussed.  They will no longer be allowed for just anyone, but rather on a professional basis only.  Under consideration is changing it from 24 hours to more than 24 hours, provided that a waiver is signed by the individual.  


Paul brought up the issue of the overnight crew on Saturday being tied up due to having to stage at a scene for 6 hours.  He and David will discuss this with Swanton PD, Vermont State Police and the Sheriff’s Dept. as all parties need guidance and direction regarding situations such as this.



Paul also brought up the fact that EMT-I03’s are not jumping Unit 2 calls.  This needs to be addressed due to the loss of revenue experienced when we do not respond. 


Field Days – it was decided to wait until David returned from vacation to begin the process of preparing for Field Days participation.  Keith noted that the deck needs staining, among other things.  Also, David’s participation in the Demolition Derby was discussed.  He will be asked to sign a waiver before driving the MVR car. 


Scheduling:  Kellie had advised that she could no longer work days due to a job commitment.   However, this changed and she is once again available to work day shifts.  We are currently short drivers, but there have been applications submitted. 


Adjournment:  Keith made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Lynn.  No discussion.  The motion carried.  The meeting adjourned at 2038 hours.


Respectfully submitted, 




Joan Beaudry, EMT-B


Director Four, MVR