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MAY 16TH, 2011




Opened the meeting:   The meeting opened at 19:03 hours.




Attendance:  Paul Rocheleau, President;  Lynn Billado, Vice-President;  Dave St.Pierre, Secretary/Treasurer;  Crystal Lampman, Director One;  Tony Labor Sr., Director Three;  Keith Ploof, Director Two (late);  Joan Beaudry, Director Four (vacation).




Secretaries Report:  Crystal made a motion to accept the Secretaries report as printed, seconded by Tony.  No discussion.  The motion carried.




Treasurer’s Report:  Crystal made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report as printed, seconded by Tony.  The BOD went over the report and had no questions.  No further discussion.  The motion carried.




Vice-President’s Report:  The BOD has received a letter from Dan Parent resigning his position at MVR as of June 1st, 2011 for personal reasons.  He is giving us two-week’ notice.  His wife has gone back to work and he would like to spend more time with his son.  The BOD discussed his resignation.  Crystal made a motion to accept his resignation without prejudice, seconded by Lynn.  No further discussion.  The motion carries.  We have received a job application from Jamie Greeno who is looking for part time work at MVR.  She is completing the written exam for the First Responder course soon.  She has made all the appropriate paperwork and is willing to drive or work in the back of the ambulance.  She will continue to do ride-a-longs with Crystal’s crew.  Jamie will not become a member until she receives her certification card from the state.  She also cannot drive the ambulances due to insurance coverage.  Crystal made a motion to accept Jamie’s application with the above limitations, seconded by Lynn.  No other discussion.  The motion carried.








Building Maintenance:  The old wooden closet has been disassembled and replaced with a new plastic closet.  The old closet was rotting and the doors were falling apart.  It would cost more to repair the old closet than to replace it.  The day crew removed the old closet and assembled the new one.  The soda machine was moved by the office door which will make it easier to use and to keep it dryer.  We are going to purchase a new shelving unit to use in the new closet,  the wall behind the old closet was painted.  The crew painted a new line on the floor which is yellow with reflective grit.  The trailer lawn has been mowed and trimmed.  Keith has acquired flowers for the trailer flower beds.  The flowers will be placed on or before Memorial Day.




Vehicle Maintenance:  The new truck is due for service.  Dave will make an appointment.  We have re-registered the MCI trailer.  It’s good until 2016.  Unit II has been running well since it was repaired.




Supply:  Supplies are in good order.  Ray is putting together a list for another order in the near future.  We have established an account with the Zoll Company for acquiring supplies for the new monitor and Auto-pulses.  We have ordered a new mount for the Zoll ECG machine.  We are due to receive it this Friday. 




Communications:  The mobile radio in Unit II would not transmit after an ambulance run.  Radio repair came and found two broken solders on the main circuit board in the VHF radio.  Horace found the problem and repaired the radio onsite.  It is now operating again.  The pagers have been repaired and returned to us.  The portable radio has not been returned as of yet.  It had to be sent back to the factory for service.




Public Relations and Fund Raising:  We are supplying coverage for the Memorial Day airshow, the mock car accident at MVUHS prior to the MVU prom, and coverage of the Highgate and Swanton Memorial Day parades.  More details to follow on each project.




Training:  Patient Assessment training on May 25th, 2011 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.  Pediatric training is scheduled on Wednesday May 18th, 2011 at the new Georgia Fire station at 18:30 hours.  The instructor will be a Pedi doctor from FAHC.  Ray has posted the new training schedule and has also sent a copy to Fairfax’s web site.




District One Representative:  Training:  The First Responder course has completed at Fairfax Rescue.  Ray is coordinating with Bill Bixby to set up a Stroke training session some-time in the fall.  We will be doing a district wide session.  Bill stated that he will be getting a doctor and some nurses to help with this project.




Northwestern Medical Center will be upgrading security effective on June 30th, 2011.  Access will be reduced and you will no longer be able to access the ER or garage from the side doors.  After 10:00 p.m. all doors will be locked down.  Security will need to allow you in if necessary.  Molly and Joanne complimented MVR on our no smoking policy while at NMC.








Vice-President:  Discussion about overtime and scheduling.  More discussion on the 48/36 schedule.  We are good to go with schedule for now.  The BOD discussed the cleaning of the rigs.  Some crews are better than others.




Secretary/Treasurer:  All the shredding has been done.  Thanks to Kellie for taking the rest to be done in St.Albans.  All the sharps have disposed of by a hazmat company.




Director One:  A thank you from St.Albans Fire Dept. for the use of our coin drop signs.  The coin drop signs were used for a fund raiser for Bob Trainer who is a firefighter from St.Albans town.




Director Two, Three, and Four:  Nothing to bring up.




Old Business:  Our cot did not sell on E-Bay.  We will do a second bid cycle with a lower price.  A suggestion was made to try the site for a possible sale.




New Business:  The AUTO-PULSES will be placed on the rigs ASAP.  Dave has been accepted to the Siren Training session in Burlington on the 19th and 20th of May.  Paul and Ray have been submitted for the next sessions.  This training is for the new electronic run reporting system.




Scheduling:  There are no changes at this time.  Dan will be here until June 1st, 2011.  Paul will fill in on Monday days once Dan leaves.  The BOD has decided not to fill Dan’s slot.  There are EMT-I03’s on each day anyway.  We will backfill with EMT-B’s and see how things progress.




Adjournment:  Crystal made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Lynn.  No discussion.  The motion carried.  The meeting adjourned at 20:55 hours.




Respectfully submitted,



David E. St.Pierre, EMT-I03


Secretary/Treasurer, MVR

(signed copy can be viewed at the bay)